BioCouture is a pioneering design consultancy focused on bringing living and bio-based materials to fashion, sportswear and luxury brands. We’re passionate about creating a biodesigned future where we grow materials from minimal renewable (or waste) resources.

London based, we collaborate with the most innovative creatives in design and science to turn today’s science fiction into tomorrow’s reality. Founder Suzanne Lee is a fashion visionary. Her book ‘Fashioning The Future: tomorrow’s wardrobe’, (Thames & Hudson) was the first to map out the future landscape of technological innovation in fashion from spray on dresses to talking t-shirts.

Praise for FTF:
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‘A maelstrom of inventive ideas … thorough and authoritative’ – Design Week

‘Brings the reader up to speed with the astoundingly rapid advancements in the fusion between fashion and technology’– International Textiles

‘Comprehensive yet accessible … Lee is particularly good at explaining difficult theories and giving clear examples … the fantastical images are lovely … the content is fascinating’– Blueprint

From 2000-2011 Suzanne was Senior Research Fellow in the School of Fashion & Textiles at the world-renowned Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, University of The Arts in London during which time she consulted for high fashion clients bringing new technologies to the catwalk. A TED Senior Fellow she lectures, curates and exhibits work internationally.